Aussie living

Alright followers, my official first week in the land down under is complete and I could not be happier. Although it is fun, it has been quite challenging at times. Just imagine being dropped off in the middle of a brand new city and having to find your way around using either a train, a bus or a ferry; I have been lost probably more often than not so far. And yes, a public transportation service here in Sydney is a ferry (how awesome is that!!!). So these past days have really been filled with exploring a giant new city, meeting so many great new people, getting my sense of direction down, oh and spending a bit too much money.

So far it has been a blast and I can already feel the time flying by. A couple highlights of the weekend consisted of taking a cruise on Friday around the Sydney Harbor, seeing just about everything but from a water perspective, and may I add it was beautiful. Vivid also started that same night which is a 23 day night show that partakes in transforming the Opera house into an almost kinetic geometric light show, while the rest of the area follows with lights, fireworks and music, filling the Harbor with a fun upbeat feel.


Sunday was filled with going to Bondi Beach for the first time and catching some gnarly waves. Not only did I stand up on the surf board the first time out, but I was able to kick to a handstand riding one of the waves in šŸ¤™šŸ¼ was such a rush!


Okay enough about the fun activities, I also wanted to share some random things I have picked up on:

  • A yield sign is called a give way sign
  • A sandwich is called a toastie
  • A normal coffee is referred to as a long black
  • Sydney is very multicultural so I have almost met more people from around the world than true Aussies
  • Everything is done from the left side. Walking, driving, riding an escalator, etc.
  • Australian’s love a good mumble and use sarcasm in every sentence (I can never catch on)
  • Bonnets and boots are known as the hood and trunk of a car

Monday is almost here which means the start of my class and internship begin. I was able to switch into Operations Management to help assist in my graduating process a little more than merely taking sports marketing. As for my internship, here is a little better look into the details of it for you all. I will be helping develop and build a program for disabled kids of NSW (New South Wales) by helping improve not just their motor skills but social, physical and mental skills as well, through the sport of gymnastics. This program will eventually run nation wide for other states to use in Australia, therefore creating the best system to improve a better life for disabled children. There will be more on that when I officially start so standby for now mates.

Talk to you soon!