Should’ve Left The Scarf at Home

Back and better than before! My journey to the UK was uninviting (as I went through four flight delays and a flight cancellation) but now that I am here I feel more at home than ever. My first impression was pure excitement. When I was traveling through the Heathrow Airport I immediately noticed the incredibly long and steep escalators. Although I have seen many escalators before, I have never seen ones like this. After over 24 hours in an airport/airplane I think anything would have excited me. I was just thrilled to finally enter the UK. I arrived at my flat around ten pm. Therefore, I was unable to attend the orientation to get valuable information. I ended up being left in the Goldhawk parking lot locked out of my building with two suitcases and a strange wild animal that I have never seen before. To say the least, this was a great way to learn how to adapt!

It is the start of my second week here and I have already picked up on the culture and explored multiple different areas of London. With CAPA being in Kensington and Kensington being the richest area in London I really enjoy my walk from the tube station to class. BMWs, Porsches, Audis, and Mercedes-Benz roll past me as I stroll past amazing flats decorated with beautiful flowers. I live in Shepherd’s Bush so in order to get to Kensington I ride the tube. My first time riding the tube I relied solely on my flatmates, it seemed far too complicated for me to pick up within the first day. I do not use public transportation at home so it was very new to me. Unexpectedly, on the first day I managed to ride home on the tube alone. I found my way fairly easily and had zero complications. My confidence about the tube was through the roof. I felt good about picking up public transportation in one day when it takes others many weeks to get the hang of things.

I also use the tube to go to work. My internship is a finance internship at Anderson Tours. I have met my supervisor and the two other employees that I work with in the finance/accounting department. The work dynamic in the UK seems very different than the US, but I enjoy my time at work. I have a great view of the towers bridge and get to chat with my co-workers. I still have a lot to learn at my job but I am picking up things quickly. I am optimistic about what London has for me in the future.

Thanks for reading!