Prague-ably Going to Regret the Prague Pun Theme

I am writing this blog entry on Friday after my full first week of my internship. I actually really enjoy working at Unicare Medical Center. My collegues are very nice, the work is interesting, and I feel like I am making a contribution to the company. At first, I was nervous about what my internship would entail- Would I be fetching coffee for the office? Would I be banished to reception to answer phones and make copies for the entire summer? I am here to report back that I am NOT a coffee wench and I have not touched a copy machine machine once (although I have touched the coffee machine. Only for myself though, espresso is so tasty).

This week, I focused on getting a feel for the company and learning about what exactly Unicare does, the different types of insurance programs, and intricacies of daily operation. I was also put in charge of creating a list of different embassies in Prague and their contact information and drafting a cover letter for when we contact the different embassies about our programs. This was a cool experience because I felt like I was actually doing something productive for the company as they try to attract business from the different embassies.

I have also done a lot of proofreading for the company. As one of the few (potentially only??) native English speakers, my coworkers refer to me if they have questions aout how to phrase something in English or if they need someone to proofread their work. I love this because writing is a strong suit of mine and I genuinely love editing other peoples’ writing. I have learned how to give constructive criticism and have helped my coworkers finesse their writing to make it as flawless as possible. It also makes me feel less bad about not knowing Czech- as least my lack of foreign language skills can help others.

Overall, I am enjoying my internship very much. My office is relatively small (There are only three people, including my boss, who work in the marketing department) and pretty casual (I could wear jeans if I wanted to). I’m not sure if this is something specific to my placement, or if it is an overall theme in the Czech Republic, as many of my friends have reported that their internship is also pretty chill. I was suprised by this because everyone says the Czech people are uptight, however, the dress code and the overall friendly demeanor of everyone in my office proves otherwise.