First Irish Week Under my Belt!

Hi! After being here for 6 full days, I feel that I owe a recap of all the unbelievable things I have already done. I will take you down a timeline of this past week highlighting important details of it!

I arrived here on Monday at 6am after a long 12 hours of traveling. While I was extremely exhausted, I was so eager to get out of the airplane and begin my study abroad experience. Right away, I realized that people were not exaggerating about how friendly Irish people are. The immigration agent was so kind and excited for me and even began giving me his personal recommendations of what I should do over the next 4 weeks.

I was greeted at the airport by Francis Kelly, my Program Director here, who was just as friendly. He called a cab for me to my living place. On the taxi ride over, the driver followed the friendly pattern and filled me in on all of the “non-touristy” places to go. After helping me with my bags and greeted by my Academic Dean, Darragh, I was guided up to my apartment in the Binary Hub. This building was just built a few years back who had leased land from Guiness directly next to their brewery. It is center city and extremely luxurious. They have many amenities such as a gym, rec center, and study rooms!

I live in a 4-bedroom, 4-bathroom apartment with 3 other guys from Pitt.  I got to know them right away and, despite being exhausted and jet-lagged, we walked out and explored the city and its pubs on Monday night. Immediately, I saw how amazing the music scene was here in Dublin. EVERY musician that plays in pubs are extremely talented and enjoyable.

My first day of class was on Thursday. My school building, CEA, is about a 15 minute walk from where I live. Must be so annoying to deal with that walk in the rain, right? Wrong! We arrived on the first day of what Dubliners are calling a “heat-wave”, which means there has been no rain and temperatures of about 70 degrees every day since I have arrived… must be luck of the Irish!

Walking to class feels very similar to walking to class at Pitt; there are many people out and about and so many places to see and stop in on the way. I usually leave about 2 hours before my class starts and find a mini-adventure to go on. I have class from 12-5:30 here but I am so excited to be able to get 6 credits in just 15 class sessions! My professors are great and really stress the importance of doing my work while still getting out every day to experience the place they call home.

I have only good things to say about Dublin. My only recommendation for other students who study here is to try your best at getting away from the very touristy shops and pubs and to ask locals where they enjoy going- the experience is so much more authentic and enjoyable.

Updates on my experiences so far to come!