I Missed the Train Today and Other Misadventures

“The difference between an adventure and an ordeal is your attitude.” This sentence came from our orientation to the program, on day two this week. At the time I kind of blew it off as one of the eye-rolling quotes that get handed out to students traveling abroad. Until, of course, potential adventure / ordeals started rolling in (adeals? ordentures? Name to come).

So many little things can go wrong when you are in a new city, a new country, for the first time, especially if you have a week to spare before your internship starts. A few of my favorites so far have been:

  1. Getting off at the wrong bus stop with arms full of groceries and taking the long way back to our accomidations
  2. Getting lost trying to find SIM cards, because no one had a working phone to use the GPS
  3. Being sold a faulty SIM-card and having to have a low-key fight with TESCO Mobile about getting a new one
  4.  Getting seperated from my group of friends on a tour of the Powerscourt Gardens
  5.  Spilling laundry detergent all over the laundrette, a place where there was no sink nor items to clean up the spill
  6.  Missing the train because my payment card was not reloaded

Looking back on these events have made me realize how much has happened during my first week in Ireland. I also never realized how these happenings could have been ever misconstrued as negative before writing these posts. I am not sure if being in a new city has dulled my sense of worry about these events, or if I am…*gasp*…growing as a person? Whatever the real answer is, I am sure it will be discovered over the course of this program. Work has not even started yet! More to come.