Nine to Five

My initial week was exceptionally carefree, I was able to take that time to become acquainted with the city as much as I could and make some friends while i was at it. Despite having less free time, My zeal for understanding everything about this city has not slowed down and I really cannot see it doing so anytime soon. It’s interesting finally making the transition from tourist towards resident, but I would be lying if i said I’m far enough from feeling like a tourists to guilt free ditch the label.

My first day was exciting and scary all the same. This is hands down the largest office I’ve worked in, with some 550 people all working in coordination within the office and other members across the world. This was expected knowing that i would be interning for Anheuser-Busch InBev, the largest brewery in the world. Thankfully my team is only about 10 members, something much more my speed. My team is the robotics and automation team, whose task is to write programs which automate the everyday mundane business tasks the rest of the office deals with to make things more efficient and less repetitive.

The first few days were quite overwhelming, I was being hit with more information than i could possibly retain, but i had to trusts that i would understand everything in due time, but for the time it was a lot of half understanding, guessing, and asking lots of questions. It is refreshing having actual work to do given my 3 weeks of relaxation back in America and my 1 week of orientation here. Luckily i was able to adjust my attitude back, i look forward to the rest of my time here, thus far it has been challenging and educational all the same.

It is interesting doing the everyday tasks of an actual resident, commuting to work, going to the grocery store, going out on lunch breaks and the such. It makes living in the city a whole new  experience which i can’t say i quite understand 1 week in, but I look forward to eventually grasping it and writing about it here!