Tirer le Meilleur Parti de l’Indépendance

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Salut Salut!

Time feels like its flying by as I’m wrapping up another week in Paris. Work has been getting exciting for me since I’m starting to dive into new software and design platforms. A fresh work environment where I’m learning every day is exactly what I hoped for coming to Paris, and something I know I need from any company I work for in the future. Working here is definitely showing me things I want and don’t want in my future occupations, as any job or internship should.

On another note, I finally feel as though I’m settling into this new city and starting to gain a little more independence from my uncertainty. This is typically the trend I’ve experienced when traveling alone for prolonged periods of time. Although I have peers from my university in the same area, I still feel more independent than not. From each experience where I have had the opportunity to travel alone, I have gained much more knowledge than I would have if I were in a group.

Traveling by yourself is definitely an experience I believe everyone should have. Although it might be intimidating at first, it is still a unique way to take a few steps (or even leaps) outside of your comfort zone. Some might evens say that traveling alone is the ultimate self-indulgence. Everything is on your time and schedule, and you are not forced to ask, wait for, or consider the approval of others in your party. Accommodating other people into your life is something we must all get used to, but as much as we don’t like to admit it, it feels good to a bit selfish sometimes.

Having my own rhythm, my own financial control, and maximum flexibility all suit my style since I tend to be someone who plans in the moment. At the same time, this motion might not be for everyone, but you should try everything at least once, right?  Personally, I know I will have more independent travel experiences to come, as I see my future being cut out for it. Experiences like this have helped me meet more locals and live a more authentic experience. I’m more likely to avoid the tourist traps and dig deeper into the hidden gems of the city from insider information that maybe only locals are familiar with.

Before coming to Paris, I was only slightly familiar with the culture since I’ve never really lived in the country for an extended period of time. This type of travel helps me integrate into the Parisian lifestyle in a much faster and pushes me to try new and exciting things that I may not have had to opportunity or even thought to do otherwise.

Moral: I definitely recommend an independent travel experience.

Cha Ciao!