Work started!

I started working last Tuesday for a company called Unbank Ventures. What I mainly do is related to sales and operations. Unbank Ventures is located in San Francisco and it takes about 30 minutes for me to walk there. It builds a global platform to provide education, advisory and investor connections to startups, financial institutions and service providers. We are now trying to bring people into four different networking events so we can build strong relationship with them.

When I first went to the workplace, I was surprised because there was no office. There are about 60 different startup companies in the same workplace. So, basically, we are working with our competitors. It’s a huge area, and Unbank Ventures takes a small spot from it. It doesn’t sound nice, but I love the people working with me. Brett Noyes, the CEO, is a very talented person with a variety of experiences and a really nice guy. I like working with him because he tells me exactly what to do and how to do it. Plus, I share the same table with him, so whenever I have questions I can directly ask him.

Unbank Ventures is a small company that has such a short history, but it has lots of opportunities. First, it can grow fast since it has a fairly short history. Employees know what they do and how they do their work. I believe now it’s time to become one of the popular firms not only in San Francisco, but also in the state of California. Secondly, since Unbank Ventures focus on building relationship with so many different companies, it may have many chances to bring those companies into their business. That is, Unbank Ventures has a lot of potential of preserving and progressing long-term partnership with their customers because they are always trying to reach out to those companies. Lastly, benchmarking and strength-analyzing would be a big help to the firm. Comparing their performance with their competitors and learning what their strengths are or what their merits are will make them grow rapidly. Since Unbank Ventures is located at the same area with its competitors, this can be easier.

Working for Unbank Ventures is a good opportunity for me to cultivate my career. Working hard, I hope that I can get something out of this opportunity.