The Land Down Under

It is currently day 13 of my trip in Sydney and it is safe to say that I love this side of the world. I am fully adjusted to everything here. Fully over my jet lag, and accustomed to all aspects of the Australian Culture. Coming into this trip, I was nervous about my ability to explore and see all the stuff this city has to offer. However, I had nothing to worry about. The first couple days I would travel all day trying to explore everything, coming back unbelievably tired with the intention of doing it again the next day.

My first reaction to this new city was much different than what I anticipated. I thought I would be intimidated by the big city and the new types of people. However, I immediately felt that I fit right in. The Australian people are some of the nicest people I have ever met in my life. They are so helpful with anything from needing directions or for a recommendation of where to eat. On one of the first days, a couple of friends and I hopped on a train to Darling Harbor with no sense of direction and little hope that we would find this place. We ended up getting off at the wrong train stop looking super confused. Luckily, a man coming home from work came over to us on his own to offer us help. He asked where we were headed and without hesitation, he escorted all of us to the harbor. That’s when I realized that the people here are not out to get you, but to help you.

Of all the days being here, we adventured all over the huge city of Sydney. We explored the Bondi to Coogee coastal walk, Blue Mountains, Sydney Harbor as well as many other attractions. Of all we have done so far, my favorite adventure had to be the Bondi Beach trip. We set our destination to enjoy the popular attraction of Bondi Beach. We were astounded by the size of the beach. There were hotels surrounding the entire coast, huge grass lawns overlooking the beach, and of course the enormous picturesque beach of Bondi. The sand was unbelievably soft as we stepped on the beach for the first time. The first thing we did was have a football catch with some fellow Australian surfers. We then went in to the freezing water of Bondi. We were told to not go deeper than chest level as the waves and rip current were especially strong the day. I plan to go back and get some surfing lessons in order to check that off my bucket list. After that, we went on the Bondi to Coogee walk that everyone told us to do. The views of from this walk were something out of a postcard. We took our time on this couple hour walk in order to take in the view and take as many pictures as possible. We were able to climb the rocks in order to find hidden cliffs and find views that were absolutely unbelievable. Along the walk, we stumbled upon a lot of smaller beaches filled with a surplus of surfers, finally witnessing the beach culture of Australia. We were nearing the end of the hike where we caught the sunset right over the coast. Very tired and slightly lost, we stumbled upon a very kind Australian elderly man who led us to the end of the walk. Unsurprisingly, this man was one of the nicest strangers I have ever met in my life.


It is now getting deep into the trip as I cannot wait for what else this trip has to offer. Next week we have the Roar and Snore trip at the famous Australian Zoo where we sleep overnight and see the animals in their natural habitat.