Lands End

I personally think San Francisco is a amazing place for both work and life. It has been 3 weeks since I started to work here, and usually when it was weekend, I would go out with my friends to see some views. We have been to golden gate park, Golden Gate Bridge, Fisherman wharf and Lands End. All of them are not too far away from the city. It is very easy to visit on the weekend, and visiting these amazing places are also some great ways to relax outside of work.

Lands End is my favorite among all of the places that I have visited.  It is a small mountain next to the sea, and from the mountain you can see the Golden Gate Bridge. The day that I went there was foggy, but we can still see the bridge. Unlike the day when we went to the Golden Gate Bridge, the bridge was vividly red in the view form Lands End, but the bridge was actually not the most beautiful view in Lands End. The most amazing part was when I saw the rock patch.


I have never edited the picture, and it already looks so beautiful. The evening is the perfect time to visit Lands End in my opinion. The sea was rising up slowly and as the sun went down from the horizon, the sky turned pink and blue.

I had fun building a rock tower with my friend and I hope next time when I visit there, our tower will still be there!