From Business to the Beach

The basic line of business of my firm, Sirius Facilities, is commercial real estate. Their main service is produced by creating business parks, a collection of closely located buildings, that they rent out to smaller businesses and individuals to use for office space, conference centers, warehouses, etc. There is not a lot of manual labor that goes into the business, besides building the spaces and maintaining and repairing any damages that may occur. There is, however, a large focus on finance in order to keep track of all of the different tenants and rents that are supposed to be coming in and marketing to attract more business. However, because I am interning only in the finance department, which is on a separate floor in the office building, I am not very familiar with the processes in the marketing and human resources departments.

This week, like last, I have been working in the Accounts Receivable department. Each morning I was responsible for completing the bank bookings, which meant I had to go into our customers’ accounts to see when their rents were due, if they had paid or not, and clear the accounts if they had, or write an over/undercharge if necessary. Other miscellaneous tasks I was responsible for throughout the week were correcting invoices, creating new invoices, confirming refunds, and confirming customer accounts.

Unfortunately there were times when my supervisors would run out of jobs for me to complete, so sometimes I ended up filing paperwork, which was a little frustrating and boring. Part of the problem, I think, is that I am not authorized to use certain functions that are part of the SAP software and required for a lot of the daily tasks in the Accounts Receivable department. I inquired about getting authorization to complete such tasks, but was still not given access. Maybe I will be given more access in upcoming weeks to complete more complex assignments.

This upcoming week, I will be switching departments from Accounts Receivable to somewhere else as part of my rotation program I am participating in. I am excited to get to know some more people in the company and learn how to do some new and different jobs.

On Friday, I got out of work a little early and went to a small Italian restaurant for dinner. The restaurant felt like it was a family owned business, with a lot of locals coming to eat there.

Saturday we went to Wannsee, a lake which is about a 40 minute train ride out of Berlin. It was a very nice location with sand so it felt more like a beach and not very similar to the lakes I am used to going to in Upstate New York, where I am from. The beach was extremely crowded, and clearly very popular to go to. We were lucky that the weather was so nice that day, with barely any clouds in the sky and lots of sun. Although the beach was only 40 minutes away, I felt like I was much farther away from the city. We stayed at the beach for most of the day, then came home and went to dinner. For dinner I went to a Chinese restaurant in a cute little neighborhood within Charlottenburg.

Looking forward to my new jobs this week, and to more adventures in Berlin next weekend!

Wannsee Beach
Entering Wannsee