The Dublin Diary: Working Girl

After a short four day work week, I am getting down my routine and becoming more comfortable with my new home in Dublin.  I can get to work and a few other places in center city without having to use my phone to navigate there which is very exciting!

This summer I am interning with a communications and storytelling consultancy that everyday has managed to challenge my thinking and find little pleasures in my work.  My company is very small with me being team member seven and the people I work with have made every effort to make me fee welcome and comfortable.  My first day I was greeted by warm smiles and many cups of coffee.  My company fits in well with the culture of a boutique communications firm.  They are tiny but mighty and with a more laid back culture that gives everyone a chance to communicate their ideas.  During my first day of work I sat in on a meeting discussing the redesign of the website and not only were my opinions asked for – they were written down and valued.  I think this speaks to the culture of the industry as being small makes all input more valuable. IMG_4961.jpg

The stream of creativity in the firm is ever flowing and you can always see someone’s brainstorming on a white board left over from an earlier meeting.  I sat in on a quick brainstorm for a company the other day and I really enjoyed it.  They were discussing a project they were thinking about taking on and all of the information that they would need to gather before they could realistically help find a solution to the problem the company asked for help solving.  The company is also very organized and is able to balance working on multiple clients at a time.  There are many different Excel workbooks and Word documents that help the company run smoothly.  I would say that this is very common for ant successful boutique communications firm.

After a great first week working for a company that really values their people I look forward to a great summer of laughing and learning with my team!