Buda-best Weekend So Far

This past weekend, my suite mates and I decided to venture out of Prague for the first time. We decided to spend a weekend in Budapest, )primarily because it was only a $14 round ticket to get there). Only three hours after our arrival there Saturday morning, we were soaking in the thermal baths at the Gellert. The rest of the weekend was a whirlwind of exploring the city and its food. We visited a festival, a local market, ate more gelato than I would like to admit to, and spent hours at an outdoor book fair. I only almost got arrested once, when I tried to take a nap on a bench waiting for our bus home. I don’t speak Hungarian but I am pretty sure that the five police officers jogging towards me were saying something along the lines of that’s not allowed.It was an exhausting trip, and after arriving home at 1 AM Monday morning, waking up at 7 AM was a bit of a struggle– as was surviving my 10 hour work day.

I am getting fairly far into my internship at Passion Communications, and I feel as though I am becoming a part of the company. (Due to our small staff, this did not take as long as I had expected it to.) I am also learning how to incorporate my knowledge and interests into my work. For example, I am very interested in studying corporate law cases. Thus, today, I decided to work on a research paper for our company website about lessons we can take away from 5 federal marketing lawsuits this year. I am also working with another intern on developing a commercial for my company’s app platform. Not only is this very fun, but it’s also a skill I can take back to my job working for the Pitt News.

Thus far, my study abroad experience has been amazing. I can’t wait to see what the future has in store!

Until next week.