See You Never Big Ben

My favorite part about London is that it is a 24 hour city. My London experiences have topped all other experiences in my life so far. The 24 hour city allows me to succeed professionally during the day and then explore new areas and see most of London at night. So far there has been little time for sleep, but I guess thats what happens when you live in London.

Within the past three weeks I was able to experience a large part of the “Night Life” throughout the night and day. My friends and I have explored numerous pubs and have tried to get the full “London” experience. We have travelled out of Shepherds Bush. So far Camden, Piccadilly Circus, and Oxford Circus were my favorites. I also enjoy being able to explore throughout the day.

During my work day I have had many opportunities to make connections with my coworkers. They give me great recommendations of different areas to explore and events to go to. This past week my supervisor told me about the Royal Ascot so my roommate and I bought tickets and went. The experience was much better than I could have ever expected it to be. I saw the queen ride by during the royal procession and many beautiful horses compete. I felt like a true Londoner all dressed up and wearing a large hat. Beyond the royal aspect of London I hope to excel academically as well. With an international accounting issues course and an internship course I have already learned so much. I had the opportunity to attend multiple site visits at accounting firms and extend my networking skills outside the United States. Within my accounting course we often discuss subjects related to material covered in courses I have not yet taken. It can be tricky to pick up the topics at times because of the quick pace but for the most part I have been able to learn many new concepts. I also am now more prepared for my future courses at Pitt. My internship course aids in articulating my experience abroad in an effective and professional way. I have already been able to adjust my resume, cover letter, and interview skills to incorporate my experience.

The six week program has given me a chance to be feel like a tourist and a true Londoner. My favorite part about London are the cute streets that I will stumble upon. Its going to be difficult going back to America and seeing all of the streets I have already seen before, or maybe I will develop a new appreciation for the streets.

P.S. Big Ben is under construction/covered.

Thanks for reading!