Getting Used to San Francisco

After several weeks working and living here, I started to get used to San Francisco. As a foreigner, I can clearly tell the differences between Pittsburgh and here. Some of my friends says that they miss Pittsburgh, and so do I. I miss my friends and home there, but talking to which city I like more, I think it is San Francisco.

The population of Cantonese between Pittsburgh and San Francisco has a huge difference. 7.9% of the population in San Francisco Bay Area are are Chinese American, and they are mostly original from Guangdong Province and Hong Kong. When I walk on the street in San Francisco, I can always hear people talking in Cantonese. As a Chinese that grew up in Guangdong Province, where people mainly speak Cantonese, I feel some special kind of connection to those whose speak the same language with me. That’s why I feel good walking on the streets of San Francisco, because I hear people talking about everything in Cantonese. When I went to Chinatown to eat noodles with my friends, I saw a lot of old people just sitting there and enjoying the food. I think of my grandpa in China, because how he took me to a noodles restaurant and talk with his friends was exactly the same with how people do it here. America and China are so different, but in the Chinatown of San Francisco, it’s actually not that different from China. It actually feels the same, like I was back home.


I also love to take my friends to Chinatown, because they sells a lot of things, like snacks and drink, that’s so comment in my home, Guangdong Province of China, but not in my friends’ home, which is a norther part of China. I love to share these with them and watch them fell in love with my favorite foods and snacks.

People in San Francisco are also very friendly. I think one of the reason is because they are such a popular city all around work, and they get tourists from different countries and different background. They are very used to accept people with different backgrounds. Citizen and tourists usually get along and have fun together, and people always smile to each other on the street.

The only thing that I do not like about San Francisco so far is the homeless people, but don’t get me wrong. I am not saying that I hate homeless people. Some of the homeless people here are very creative. They give amazing shows on the street and I always love to help them out a little bit when I pass by. However, there is also a lot of homeless people that act very crazily and they make the street smells disgusting, and because San Francisco has such a nice weather for the whole year, homeless people love it here.

Despite of the “crazy” homeless people, San Francisco is so amazing that I want to stay here for a longer time.