Tales from Australia

Hey, it’s Will here with my first blog in Australia.  I realize I haven’t posted a blog since I arrived, so I have lots to discuss.  First off, things have been great.  I have been having the time of my life.  I’ve already made tons of new friends as well as explored much of Sydney.  I’ll start by telling you about when I arrived, exactly three weeks ago today.

After a long, but easy, 22 hours of flight time, I arrived by myself in Sydney.  I got off the plane, collected my luggage, and booked a taxi to my hotel for the night.  The next morning, I took another taxi to Urbanest, the apartment where I would be spending the duration of my trip.  When I arrived, I was shown to my room and given a basic rundown of everything I needed to know about my accommodations.  My room and the apartment are extremely nice.  While I do share a room, I still feel like a have my privacy, as there are two shelves placed in-between our beds, that block our view of each other.  Meeting my roommates was a great experience, as we all hit it off right from the start.  We soon got to meet other students on the program and we all got along very well.  It was cool to meet people from different schools around the country.  After orientation, a couple of us went for a walk to explore our new home.  We quickly discovered just how beautiful of a city Sydney was.  The architecture here is very modern and unique.  Perhaps my favorite part about the city are the open areas and green spaces scattered all throughout the city.  In addition to all the extracurricular activities I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing, I’ve also been going to my classes.

Lucky for me, my classes are only a two-minute walk from my apartment.  This is much nicer than what I am used to at Pitt, as I would have to walk fifteen minutes to get to many of my classes.  While I am on this trip, I hope to continue to be a good student and excel in my classes.  One of my main goals during my time here is to communicate more with my teachers.  Back in Pittsburgh, I never really spoke to any of my professors outside of class if I needed help.  With these smaller class sizes I have now, I feel like it will be easier to talk to and form a relationship with my teachers.  Outside of the classroom I want to work on my communication skills as well as just trying to be a more independent person.  I feel like I have already made good progress on these goals since I have been here, and I will continue to keep you posted on my progress as my journey continues.


William Feinour