G’Day Mates!

Hi everyone! Welcome to my first blog post coming to you live from Sydney, Australia! Although this is my third week in Sydney, this is my fourth week in Australia. I decided to plan a trip to Cairns with my roommate the week prior to my study abroad program. Just a side note, the rainforest and great barrier reef were both amazing.

I’ll start off by letting everyone know that I am loving it here! This is by far the coolest and most surreal experience I have ever had. However, I didn’t love Australia right off the bat. When I first arrived in Cairns, my roommate and I literally had only ourselves to figure out an entirely new country. Who would have thought the two hardest things to do would be getting our phones to work and buying a beach towel! Purchasing and understanding a SIM card was the most frustrating experience when I first arrived. Not only was I jetlagged, but I was also slightly homesick and wanted to contact family and friends (it doesn’t help that I still barely understand what a SIM card even does). Also, it was nearly impossible to find a beach towel. Why? Because it’s winter here and apparently that means they don’t have many in stock. It’s important to note though that their winter is 85 degrees and sunny. So, I found it quite interesting that beach towels were in such scarcity. But, eventually we did find one.

Thankfully when I arrived in Sydney to the program I was already over jetlag and knew a decent amount about the country. It was so nice to finally have a room that was clean and without random people (we had been living in hostels before this). Now that I am here and all settled in, I am having the time of my life. I have gone on a harbor cruise, seen Kangaroos, took a tour of the Opera House, eaten delicious/unhealthy foods, and so much more that I will talk about in a later blog.

Before I end this post, I want to give quick updates on my class and internship. I am taking Operations Management and my professor, G.G., is literally the best. I love the class and getting to know more about my professor. I am also interning at a site called Ardent Communications which is a marketing agency. I am learning different skills and about my industry all while in a global setting which I think has helped me tremendously.

I can’t wait to continue with this trip and experience so much more. Keep on the lookout for my next blog! Cheers