London Town

I have been in London now for nearly 4 weeks and have noticed many differences and similarities to the United States. For some reason, everything is extremely loud here. Having no air conditioning in my flat means that we have to keep our balcony door and windows open to (somewhat) cool down the rooms. Because of this we constantly have the sounds of sirens blaring every ten minutes it seems down the street by my building. On top of this, plenty of motorcyclists tend to floor their vehicles down this road. This makes it very hard to focus when I try and complete my homework at home. I have begun heading to the British Library, which is the UK’s equivalent of the Library of Congress, to complete my assignments. Here they have tons of old documents from across the world, ranging from the Magna Carta and Shakespeare’s First Folio all the way to John Lennon’s handwritten lyrics for the Beatles on the back of his son’s birthday card.  Speaking of Shakespeare, I have had the opportunity to see two productions of his plays at the Globe through my Shakespeare in London class. The Globe was the theater that Shakespeare used when he was around back in the 1600s and the replica was built about 20 years ago. This was an amazing atmosphere to see two of the plays that I had read, and I am glad we got the chance to take a break from lecturing a few times.

I have also been busy at work with my internship at Weller Media Agency. I have so far loved working here. The culture of the company is great and very laid back but everyone takes responsibility for their work in order to keep pushing the company forward. I have taken up a few main projects while working in the finance department. I have analyzed data on 10 of WMA’s key clients and created a PowerPoint presentation filled with graphs and insights I have made along with recommendations as to how WMA should approach these clients for new or continued business. I have also begun analyzing the effectiveness of the current lead tracker for new business. I went through and calculated the lead conversion rate for all employees and for each department specifically, and I also made my own recommendations as to where the current spreadsheet could be improved. Both of these projects have been very interesting to me, as I love trying to improve processes and making problem solving recommendations. I am excited to begin the second half of the program and am sad that I will be coming home to America in less than 3 weeks! London has treated me well.