Mon pellicule est pleine de photos des fleurs

Bonjour a tous!

Another week living in Paris!  Crazy, huh? I still love my job so much.  Friday I went out for bevs with all my coworkers after work, and we had a fantastic time.  We spend the whole evening together, and were out until late laughing and getting to know one another, and it was absolutely phenomenal.  I also went to Giverny this weekend with the other American from my job. It was probably the single most beautiful place I’ve ever been in my life, and my favorite place I’ve visited in Paris.  There were so many flowers, it was so quintessentially French countryside, I want to retire there. I also took so many pictures while I was there that my iCloud refused to sync.

My company’s industry is sort of hard to define, but it falls within the NGO sector.  Firms within the NGO sector can work in advocacy, research, intervention, policy analysis, civil society engagement, governmental relations, and a host of other subfields.  My firm works in research and advocacy. It is difficult to define a product in this industry because a lot of NGO work is done ideologically rather than producing a quantifiable product.  Some ‘products’ that exist in this category are publications, operations/missions, policy recommendations, and studies. The only sense of ‘competition’ in the NGO sector is competition for funding and to get your viewpoint across and accepted.  My organization is independently funded, and does not have any competition in that sense. Some unique challenges that exist for firms in this industry are competition for funding, and having to navigate governmental regulations and policies to conduct their research.  Unique opportunities include the ability to see meaningful results of their work and watch international mores and policies change as they operate. This industry is of interest to those who have a passion for human rights or want to work tangentially to governmental affairs without being forced to stay within the confines of government policy.

Once more, I love this job, and I love living in Paris!

Until next time!


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