Terrazas, Trips, and Trying New Food!

Lunes (6/4):  I went to work bright an early and continued my job of translation.  The workers are starting to make jokes with me like joking about how I bring salads to work every day.  I am really happy that they are doing this because to me this shows they are enjoying my company and starting to see me as a friend and not an outsider.  It feels like we are friends now.

Martes (6/5): I worked during the day. Afterward, BeMadrid was hosting a free event at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium. This stadium is where Real Madrid plays. The event was called “Bernabéu Open Air Terrace Big Opening.” It was so cool because it was on a terrace at the stadium and you could look out and see the whole stadium and the field where the team plays. I met some girls from other schools in America and a girl from Colombia. It was a neat event, but it was chilly outside so I didn´t stay very long.

At a Terraza in Madrid.

Miercoles (6/6):  I worked on translations again.  It was a big project for me to finish; so I was spending all day every day completing this task.  I went home and had dinner with my host-family and completed a few to-dos for leadership positions in clubs at Pitt.

Jueves (6/7): Today at work my supervisor gave me a new project! She came over after a meeting and said that the company´s stock photos were getting a little overused and the company´s employees were asking for some new ones to keep their presentations fresh. She sent me a document with the specificities and descriptions of how we want the brand to be portrayed such as “open” or “taking a path that has never been taken before.” Then she gave me a list of websites with free stock photos that I could pull from. I started looking for photos that I felt would fit well with our brand as a company. After work, I went home and changed immediately. I had an event called Madrid from Above. Madrid has a lot of rooftop bars. This is because the strong Spanish sun beats into the ground all day; people want to get up onto the rooftops to get away from the heat. So, the event consisted of three really nice “terraza” trips at different locations in the city as well as tapas served at each one. I tasted some croquet, raw salmon for the first time, Iberian ham, different cheeses, and got some awesome photos and views of the city. I went home that night to pack my things for the weekend trip I was taking. I had to pack it all in just my backpack which was incredibly difficult for me as I am the queen of overpacking.

Viernes (6/8): I went to work bright and early and had a really good day, I was working on my new project all day. I finished looking at all of the websites. I sent all the photos to my supervisor just before I left for the day. I really enjoyed this new project as it was a unique opportunity to conserve the brand´s image with this new set of photos, and I took great care when selecting them to find the proper color scheme, and images to be consistent with how SCOPEN wants to be portrayed. After work, I headed to the airport for a quick weekend trip to Dublin, Ireland. I took the metro from work to the airport and it only took me about an hour. I got through security and customs. Madrid has been having very uncharacteristic weather lately, and so I was wearing a lot of layers and a rain jacket. I sat next to a Spanish grandfather and he was saying he couldn´t believe that Dublin was going to have nicer weather than Madrid in June! When I arrived, I took a bus into Dublin as the airport is further north in a town called Swords. I walked to the Airbnb I had gotten with my roommate Jenny and two other girls. They had been there all day already, so I dropped off my stuff and we went walking for a place to eat. I saw the Spire, the Church cathedral and restaurant, and the river Liffey. We had some nice Italian food in the Temple Bar neighborhood. After dinner, we walked around to check out the nightlife for which Dublin is fairly well known.

Sabado (6/9): We woke up and went off to walk down by the river to search for breakfast. We had a very European breakfast that I would consider Irish with thick ham slices as “bacon” as well as baked beans. We then walked through the streets and found beautiful Irish flags hanging throughout the streets and flowers everywhere. We saw a lot of beautiful old churches and buildings as we walked. We saw the statue of Molly Malone and continued on to Trinity College. We walked throughout the campus and saw the building where the Book of Kells is housed. The line was incredibly long, so we decided not to go inside. We then visited Grafton Street which is a famous street and visited the Claddagh Jewelers store. We continued on down the street and visited other stores including Carroll´s which is Dublin´s tourist shop. Dublin is an incredible city for live music. There are always performers on every street and they are such good performers from singers, to piano players, to accordion players. We walked to Saint Stephen´s green and walked through it for a bit. We left the park and walked towards Dublin Castle. Again, we didn´t actually walk through but we walked around the outside of it to see it and through the castle gardens. After we walked to St. Patrick´s Cathedral and park, we stayed there for a bit and walked around the outside of the cathedral. We then walked through a few antique shops on our way to the Guinness Storehouse. We took the tour of the Storehouse and learned all about the making of Guinness and the factory and the history behind the brand. What I found interesting was the advertising floor. It was all about how Guinness created their brand and their circus advertising campaign. We got dinner after the tour just off Grafton Street. We walked home along the river to see some more of it and happened across the Potato Famine memorial. It was really moving and a really well-done memorial.

Jenny, my roommate, and I at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Dublin.


Domingo (6/10): I woke up and my roommate had to go back to London for the week.  I was alone in Dublin for the day!  I got up and used the public transportation to get to a place called Howth (pronounced Hoa-th), Ireland.  We all really wanted to see the Cliffs of Moher, but they were too far for us to see them.   Howth has cliffs also.  So, I got on a bus, switched to a different bus and ended up at the summit of Howth’s mountain. I hiked along the cliff path for almost two hours and then waited for a bus afterward to take me back to Dublin.  Meanwhile, a friend I have from Pitt is studying abroad in Dublin and said they somehow had an extra ticket to see the Book of Kells at Trinity College and so I literally ran across Dublin to the college to see the Library and the Book of Kells.  It was really cool, and I only wish I had taken a bit more time to read the significance behind it.  Luckily, I took photos of the descriptions when I was able to so that when I had time, I could return to the descriptions and understand it more fully.  I was so glad that I got to see the book because it is one of the most talked about destinations in all of Ireland.  It was awesome.  After that, I went to the airport for my flight home and made it in time for a late supper before bedtime.  What a packed week!