Enjoying Sydney!

Hey everyone! I have now been in Sydney for a little over two weeks and I am loving it here. I am staying at Urbanest Sydney Central, a student housing accommodation in the Ultimo section of the city. In my apartment there are four bedrooms with two people per room. We also have a living room and a kitchen in our apartment. Four of my roommates go to the University of Pittsburgh as well, two attend the University of Massachusetts Amherst, and one attends the University of Minnesota. The accommodations are nice and there is a supermarket near by so that we pick up groceries. There have not really been any challenges in living with this many people as we have all gotten along thus far. I am glad that this living situation has turned eight strangers into friends.

While I’m here I am taking one class, Sports Marketing. I am loving the class so far. It is only a three-minute walk from Urbanest, so it is nice to not have to wake up too early. The other day we took a field trip to view the facility of a local AFL team, the GWS Giants. It was cool being able to see both the athletic and business sides of a professional sports team in person. I learned a lot about how the AFL operates, as well as the rules of a sport that I previously did not even know existed. I am a big sports fan, so it was nice seeing a sport that I am unfamiliar with. This Friday we are going to an actual game, so I am looking forward to attending that.

I am also spending a large portion of my time here at my internship at H&R Block. My commute is about a half hour, which is very manageable. I commute via train as the train station is about a 10 minute walk from where I am staying. It has been a cool experience walking to the train station and catching the train each day. It is very different from how I get around at Pitt, where I typically walk or take the bus places. This is my first experience doing a daily commute in a city, so it is eye opening to see how crowded the trains are with people going to and from work. At my internship I am learning a lot about expat taxes and the process that expats must go through to file with the United States. Overall, I am enjoying my time here and can’t wait for whatever adventures I encounter next.IMG_4364.jpg