Starting Experience in Kansai

It has been a week since I arrived in Japan, Kansai. At the day we arrived, the teacher from our school, Konan University, were there to pick us up. They are really nice and friendly. There were also two japanese students who went to meet us and accompanied us back to our dorm. So, we actually live in a small dorm right next to the Soujiji station. Even though it is not that fancy as we originally think it would be, it is really sweet and comfortable. Everyone has a single room. In the room, there is a wardrobe, a desk, a single bed, and airconditioner. These things are just enough for you to manage your daily life. The only difficulty for living in this japanese style dorm is to get used to the public bathroom where everyone takes shower in the same place. And there are only two private bathrooms for the entire dorm so somehow, we are going to try the public bathroom. In fact, at the first couple days, I was kind of shy to shower with other people. But I think i will try it someday around this week. The good thing about the dorm is that it provides home-made meals twice per day from Monday to Saturday and they are so delicious. And the people who take charge of the dorm are also very friendly and kind.

Commute is kind of far from our dorm to the school even though we are really close to the station. So, the class doesn’t start until 10:30 but we need to be at the school at 9:30 for the study hall. So we have to get up at around 7 o’clock and leave the dorm at around 8:15 to catch the train. It takes us about 40 minutes or so to get to the Konan University, Cube Campus. I didn’t like it that much at first because i don’t want to get up so early and i don’t want to spend so many time on the train. But as I’m getting used to this transportation mode, i kind of starting to like it because in the the train, you can see different types of people, such as businessman, students, children, housewives and so on. It is very interesting to observe their behavior while in the train. A common phenomenon is that people usually fall asleep in the train and I think that’s because japanese are really into working. And one more important fact is that the train will never be late unless there is a accident, but the screen will show you what’s going on.

One week has been enough for me to get used to the life here and I will keep updating my new experience.