“What do you think about…”

This past work week went amazing. I am creating designs for the CEO and working with fellow employees on real tasks. At no point in this internship have I felt that I was doing meaningless work, or I wasn’t valued, and I am so thankful for that. I feel like this is pretty different than intern work in the US. I know that this may also vary from workplace to workplace, but I think I am very lucky to be where I am. I know the stereotype in the US is that interns get coffee and don’t do any actual work. With my two internships in the US I did not find that to be the case, but then again that was just my personal experience. Something that I have really noticed a difference in is the the Irish really value a good balance between work and their life which is something I greatly appreciate. They really seem to put a greater importance on family than we have in America.

Even though they are known for being late/not sticking to strict time tables, at work I haven’t really noticed it at all. Everyone comes to work on time and meetings run on schedule. I feel like in business you have to be no matter how relaxed the country seems to be.

Interactions on the streets with strangers have been different than America. Normally people in America are standoff-ish and sometimes even rude. I know it makes my day if someone is kind to me or helpful in the US. Here in Ireland, everyone wants to help. They will ask if you need anything or start a conversation up at the register or while you are just walking. It makes the country very welcoming and creates a very accepting environment. They seem to be very welcoming to outsiders including us Americans. They are very interested to learn more about American culture and curious as to what we think about what is going on in our country. They know we aren’t all “MAGA” hat wearing, gun loving, patriots (thank God), they just want to know more about what is happening and an insider’s perspective. They are also very blunt when they want to know something. The CFO asked me what I thought about the second amendment in the middle of the work day and it was considered completely normal.

I am really enjoying the culture here so far and have no found a single aspect that I don’t like/agree with. I heard that the culture shock will be setting in soon but so far it hasn’t been anything too drastic. I’m definitely interested to see where it goes from here!