Getting Into the Rhythm

As I addressed in my previous post, I had a bit of trouble adjusting to the 9-5 schedule I was suddenly thrown into for the first time in my life. After about two weeks of just waking up, working, cooking, and sleeping, I began to feel a bit suffocated to be honest.

I found myself questioning wether or not a 40-hour commitment a week was necessary to find happiness. I began to daydream of joining the ever-increasing stream of millennials who were exchanging their worldly possessions for a van, and living the life of a nomad. Now this dream was not a rejection of my passion for marketing, It was a rejection of the format a life in the business world would impose on my own. 24 hours in a day. 8 sleeping. 3 waking up, getting ready, and commuting to and from work. 8 at work. That leaves me with five hours. Assuming I don’t have any other responsibilities or necessary activities such as eating, showering, cleaning, laundry etc., I have 5 hours. 5 hours which are pre-determined to land between the times of six and eleven PM. For five days out of my week, I am in control of less that a quarter of each one.

Despite how the above paragraph may sound, these thoughts have not weakened my dedication to my current career path, but made it even stronger. Scrolling through Linkedin and seeing the people with my dream job, or working with people doing the same (because lets face it- an internship is not the dream job) has made me realize that a that job doesn’t have to be a dream. At the risk of sounding like a self-help book, I am the only thing in-between the life I want. The importance of making a living doing something I love has never been more apparent. If I am in the position I love, those 40 hours, in a job that I have selected and fought to get to, are no longer a 75% imposition on my week. Those 40 hours now cross the partition and join the previously measly five hours of time which I enjoy and have control over.

That being said, my internship has been a fantastic experience at getting a view at what I would eventually like to be doing. Getting that view has really solidified my passion to not settle for something less. not settle for a job that will rob me of 40 hours, instead of one which will make those 40 feel like a gift.