Belfast Adventures

After my first weekend of traveling outside Dublin, I’m excited to be back “home”. A few friends and I travelled to Belfast on Saturday morning and were planning on staying for the entire weekend. The weekend ended up turning out to be a great one- but not without a few bumps along the way. Starting with going to the bus depot instead of the pick up point to go to Belfast and small things like realizing our phones won’t work the same, different currencies, and other little hiccups there were plenty of opportunities to get frustrated or flustered. I kept thinking to myself how if this had happened at home I would have been upset and stressed. I had to think why this situation was different, I was cool calm and collected. I think traveling had made me a little more laid back and when I encountered hiccups this weekend it wasn’t the end of the world it was just a new adventure to adapt to (which sounds super cheesy I know). The fact that this weekend was still an amazing one despite some issues (including being soaked by our first real encounter with Irish rain) makes me confident in my ability to take this mentality elsewhere- school, work, life in general. Things might not always go as planned but instead of dwelling on what’s wrong just adapt and make a new plan- it can lead to some pretty fun adventures.