So judging by the featured image, you can tell that I gott bitten by bedbugs. I found these bites when I got back from Budapest last weekend and they proceeded to change from teeny little itchy bites to MASSIVE WELTS over the course of the week. This led me to do 3 things:

  1. Complain endlessly to my roommates about how uncomfortable I was
    • Would formally apologize for this one. I mentioned my bugbites more than I mentioned being sweaty (which is a lot!!!).
  2. navigate a Czech pharmacy for the first time
    • Over the Counter medication and ointment is not available at the same place you buy shampoo like it is in America. To get over the counter medication (in my case anti itch ointment and Advil) you need to go to a pharmacy where you tell the worker what ailment you have/what you need and they give it to you. This was difficult because I went to the pharmacy near my work and they spoke very little English. I eventually found the right product but it proved to be very difficult and I had to motion a lot of itching and tried to mimick the sounds/motions of a bug which probably looked pretty dumb.
  3. contemplate seeing a Czech doctor
    • Luckily, I intern in a medical center that specializes in treating foreigners in the Czech Republic. This made finding a place to see a doctor very easy, I simply went up to the front desk and asked if the general practitioner was available. That day (Friday), the first available appointment was at 7pm, so I decided not to stay and just get an appointment on Monday if my welts were still bad. Thankfully, my welts went down over the weekend and today (Monday) I do not need a doctor appointment but I do know where to go if I ever need one!