Week 4: Expanding Horizons

This week marks a turning point for me personally. I feel comfortable at work, I am working at a pace, and moving around Prague has become pretty second nature to me. I feel pretty confident that I can find my way home from anywhere I decide to go.  Nowe though I feel like things have gotten mundane… I am starting to establish a rut a walking path and a work schedule. So I needed to begin to mix up my routine. During the week I decided to mix up dinner by going out and then I overheard a bunch of people in my group deciding they wanted to go to Berlin for the weekend and I knew that’s what I had to do to change up the flow.

So this brought up several issues… Travel, Finding a place to stay and most importantly talking to my boss about requesting time off and to see if that was even possible. I wound up messaging the head of the department who then told me to talk to my supervisor… which I should’ve figured but I was too nervous to think of that. When I asked my supervisor who has a very lax attitude about work which has kind of thrown me off in the past he basically said Yeah go I don’t think I’m coming in tomorrow either. So I took Thursday night to pack and then Friday at 5:30 in the morning I was on a bus from Prague to Berlin Germany

Whilst in Germany the group I went with wanted to see some of the major tourist attractions on Friday and then on Saturday, we would begin to explore for real. Friday was mainly spent learning the Tram system and making our way to the Brandenburg Gate where we also stopped by the capital building. We walked around that area for a bit but after a few hours, we were exhausted so we went back to our Airbnbs to get ready for Saturday. On Saturday we went over to the Berlin Wall memorial and from there decided to go to the Berlin National Cathedral. This is where we split off and I went off on my own because I wanted to check out the National Gallery. The National Gallery was expansive and breathe taking. The marble statues were beautifully detailed with crisp design and immaculate detail work. I stayed there for a few hours then relaxed near the river that flowed through the area. That was the end of Saturday.

On Sunday we repaced said goodbye to our Airbnb hosts who were very kind and then got ready to board the bus and rode for 4 hours back to Prague. This week was definitely the week that pushed me the most out of my comfort zone. Not only in taking up requests with higher-ups but taking myself abroad and doing all the work to find places and transit to these places on my own. I am hoping this will prepare me for if I decide to travel on my own places.