Jokes, Jamón, and Homesickness

Lunes (6/11):  I am starting to love Mondays because everyone has the same opinion about them.  If you’re tired, it’s because it is Lunes.  Your computer is being slow?  It’s Lunes.  You spilled your coffee?  It’s Lunes.  You’re having trouble explaining things?  It’s Lunes.  The attitude is very sympathetic and understanding in an “I am right there with you” sort of fashion.  It’s one of the habits about work I have come to love.  My workmate, Amanecer, asked if anyone wanted sandwiches and I said I would go with her to get them.  I went into my first jamón shop which I had been seeing for a while as it very common here in Madrid.  I bought a sandwich and saw a lot of jamón hanging from the ceiling.


Martes (6/12):  Today I worked a lot more on translations.  This is very common for my day to day at work.  I do not feel comfortable sharing what I translate or the details just to maintain privacy for my company even though I didn’t sign an NDA.  I enjoy reading the documents and I have gained a lot of knowledge about my company through doing so.

Mirecoles (6/13):  I TOLD MY FIRST JOKE!  How exciting!  I have heard that understanding and telling jokes in a different language is really hard to do and even still I do not understand all the jokes that they tell. We have a saying in English when you’re talking about someone and then they enter the room.  We say, “speaking of the devil”.  But in Spanish, they say “hablando del Rey del Roma” which means speaking of the king of Rome.  So when we were in the lunch room this happened and I said the phrase and the girl said “de que??”  Meaning what were you saying?  And then we explained and I said it would be funny to play a trick on everyone when they walk in just say “hablando del Rey del Roma!”  and when they ask just say “Nada”  and everyone laughed.  Afterwards, I made sure they all knew that I was just kidding and wouldn’t actually do that.  But, they all laughed at my joke and thought it would be funny when everyone walked in and they would be confused.

Jueves (6/14):  We have an office dog, and no one knows that I am allergic to him but he is the CEO’s dog and he lives in the office most days.  It is difficult because he is so cute but he makes me sneeze and my eyes and skin itch.  I have started taking allergy pills to help with this because everyone at work loves him and he enjoys the company instead of sitting at home alone.

Viernes(6/15):  Homesick.  Right before the weekends I always get homesick because I am just sitting at a desk and watching people at home doing amazing things together on the weekends.  I too have amazing adventures on the weekends, but when all your friends are together in some of your favorite places, it does give you a bit of a twinge of homesickness.  This is something I have been dealing with throughout my time here so far, and I have definitely gotten better at managing it.  Possibly due impart to the friendships I am strengthening here.  I no longer feel as alone as I did in the beginning, whether that be at home, at work, or after work.  Also, this particular Friday was Graduation from my High School and that was crazy to see and realize it has been a full two years since I was in high school.  It is quite a difference and I’ve come a long way!

Sabado (6/16):  Another weekend, another trip!  This weekend, I traveled to Oporto, Portugal!  Opotro is the home or cork and tile.  The walls are all so beautiful on all of the buildings and I bought a bunch of souvenirs.  Right near our Airbnb, there was this awesome castle that was essentially just ruins.