Cable Cars and Magical Snakes

Today, the business sector is most affected by the growing popularity of social media. Networking sites such as Twitter and Instagram have been very much integrated into the lives of younger people. For example, the younger crowd uses digital technology to shop online and chat with others. With all of these rapid changes, companies are focusing on market research to assess societal trends in order to keep up with the oftentimes ephemeral tastes of consumers. Additionally, companies are analyzing factors such as population growth, education level, religion, consumer attitudes, and lifestyle changes (i.e. soy-based beverages are the new Coca Colas) in order to choose the right marketing strategy to reach a broader audience and to generate fresh ideas. For example, population growth can affect businesses because a baby boom means that demand for goods and services will increase. The social aspect develops within our relationships such as with family, friends, and coworkers. These can drastically impact our attitudes, which will change sales recorded and revenues earned. If companies do not adapt to societal changes, demand for their products and services will most likely fall and they will not be able to compete with their competitors that were successful in keeping up with the social trend.

For California, the trend of moving towards more metropolitan areas is actually creating a housing and a job crisis. Although the need for building new homes is massive, there are continuing shortages in this direction even as the population growth skyrockets. To make matters worse, commuting to urban areas such as San Francisco is a nightmare. Commuting can take up to 1.5 hours or more. And don’t even mention being sardine-packed into MUNI trains or buses. With this hairy problem, companies are converting to virtual work environments such as using Slack for collaboration.

Now this week in adventures, I took a ride in San Francisco’s historic cable car as it traversed the camel-like hills. (Fun fact: the cable car also rings a large bell to warn pedestrians and other vehicles and I have the luxury of hearing this music every day)


As the people ride on the outside of the cable car, the wind plays with their hair and they let out cute excited screams while going down. It was quite interesting watching the grip person move the car, connecting it to the cable to move and disconnecting before stepping on the brakes. The cable car is definitely not the fastest way to travel, but it was very entertaining nonetheless.


I also visited the Chinatown Branch Library, which has the largest public collection in Northern California of Chinese reading materials and English books on Asian topics. By reservation, you can also use the community meeting room and roof garden. In the picture below, the library is to the right of the Quong Ming Jade Emperor Palace (the yellow building on the left), which is a Taoist temple.



Above is a picture of the San Francisco Chinese Hospital, which when it opened became the first and only of its kind in the U.S. The hospital serves as an alternative for those with a language barrier. Fun fact: Bruce Lee was born at this hospital!



Do you see anything familiar in this picture? For Harry Potter fans, it’s easy. The design of the door looks like the entrance to the Chamber of Secretssss…. I wish I could have mimicked Harry’s Parseltongue…