First Weeks in London

Coming to London I was both excited and nervous. I did not know what to expect because this was the first time that I was traveling abroad by myself. When I first landed and was on my way to my flat, I still could not believe that I was here. Like most people, I was anxious to meet my flat mates that I would be spending most of my time in London with. I live in the Shepard’s Bush area which is approximately a half hour commute to the CAPA center. Initially I was a little worried about getting around the area I live in and also around other places using the tube, but after a couple weeks here I have been getting used to it. Although the commute can be time consuming, I have grown to like the tube due to the peacefulness of it. Sometimes it can get rather hectic and busy, but some early mornings are calm and nice to ride the tube. One of the first things that I noticed when I came here was how much cleaner the overall areas are compared to America. I was able to witness this, as well as get a nice view of the city, on my taxi drive from the airport to the flat. In addition, I was given insight on which places to visit by the taxi driver, which made me even more excited about this adventure. Before leaving to go to London I was told by many people that the humor here can be dry/dark, which I noticed off the bat from the taxi ride to my flat. The day I came, my flat mates and I all went to dinner and I realized the food portions here are a lot smaller than in America, which was something I expected, but I did not realize how large this difference is. Through the tours and other individual exploring, I was able to see how people interact with each other and the differences compared to America. There is so much diversity in London which can be seen just walking down the streets of London. One of my favorite things about studying abroad in London is the fact that there is always something to do and it’s easy to get there through the tube. Through CAPA, there are many different tours and site visits that are set up, which I am extremely excited about. Aside from that, there are so many different things to explore in this beautiful city so I know I will never get bored.

Within my study abroad I am also participating in an internship which allows me to gain first-hand experience working internationally and in a culturally diverse environment. Before the internship began I was very anxious because I did not know what to expect, but after a week of interning I am excited for the rest of the summer. I am able to experience working in a small office with individuals that have very different backgrounds culturally. The office I am working at is very small, with only about six people in the office. This small work environment allows me to gain a lot of exposure to a small business and all different aspects of it. With all this in mind, I can’t wait to keep exploring London this summer!