Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and The Goodie Bag Redemption

Well, I can honestly say last week was the most *eventful* I’ve had in Europe so far. Let’s Recap.

Thursday (June 14th)- Mean Streets of Berlin

So, this night was a ton of fun because my friend and I (who was visiting after studying abroad on Pitt’s Florence engineering program, if you remember) went to a *networking event* with tons of other English speakers! We went to five different locations that played lots of wholesome music. It was kinda different because the rooms were really dark with only some strobe lights and occasional smoke… problem some sort of new age Berlin thing. Well anyway everyone there was very friendly and open- something I miss about my fellow Americans! And of course the Brits are always a great time. One of them showed me every variation of the Scottish, Irish, and British accent as we walked along the East Side Gallery at 2 AM- you just had to be there to appreciate it. My friend and I also met two Americans named Matthew and Connor who had the exact same names as our guy best friends back home, so we hung out with them for the night. As for the talented Brit, he walked home by himself when we were somewhere in East Berlin, I gave him an Insta follow to make sure he survived- and his follow back the next morning confirmed that he did! That night I learned that even though Americans (and Brits) have a reputation for being obnoxious- they’re the most fun I know! For business connections obviously!

Friday (June 15th)- How Do You Solve A Problem Like Expensive Cabs?

So, my friend and I woke up a bit late the next day, and wasted about half of my day off. Didn’t mind too much, I think sleep is as good as any day off. We had a later flight to Salzburg, and experienced some problems getting to the airport, as my Google Maps didn’t report that the S Bahn directly there was cancelled. In the end, we made it with the help of a $15 cab ride that was for like five minutes. At least we split it. Fast forward to that evening… and SALZBURG! Aesthetically, the most beautiful city I have ever seen. vsco5b254775bf38c

can u not 

We got spaetzel, which is basically extra delicious mac and cheese, and watched some really enthusiastic Austrians rolling these balls down this stream right next to where we ate. All in all, a wholesome evening.

Saturday (June 16th)- The Hills Are Alive And Prettier Than Me

So, this was the day my friend and I saw Old City Salzburg, as well as the Hohensalzburg Fortress. Along with this, came Mozart’s birthplace and other residences (which we refused to pay 18 Euros to go into- Pitt don’t come cheap), and Mirabell Gardens. I’ll just show it off in pictures because words can’t do much justice.






I really deserved this after this year’s 7 month Pittsburgh winter ok

Sunday (June 17th)- Fuschl Am See(xpensive)

This was the day we went to Fuschl Am See, a lakeside town about half an hour from the main city of Salzburg. It was gorgeous but one of those lakes where people have bought up every possible place to sit, so you end up paying 5 Euros to sit on the ground. I guess I’m used to national parks being all over the place in PA, and typically only paying a $3 honorary fee to the national park system. At least then, I know the money is going towards wildlife and park upkeep. It feels a bit strange having a random Austrian come up to you saying you must pay 5 Euros to simply sit, just for the sake of them making money. However, we found a beachy area we liked after walking around for an hour or two. So, we ended up paying the fee and enjoying the sounds and sights of the water.


Monday (June 18th)- Where is the Lotion?

So I should mention that I had a bad cold this entire trip, and by Monday my nose was so dry I couldn’t smile without pain, so that was good. Normally I have my trusty Aquaphor to solve the problem, but I figured I wouldn’t need it because of summer, so I found myself in Austria with no lotion to speak of, and nowhere to find it. Did enjoy Cafe Tomaselli though, the oldest cafe in Salzburg. Mozart ate there once I think? Idk, I spent a lot of the time trying to look up places to buy lotion. In the end, I ended up going to Rossman as soon as I reached Berlin that afternoon and found some lifesaving cold creme.


Something here was probably used as a tissue

Thursday (June 21st)-Fashion and Lifestyle Day

So, skipping ahead a bit. This day was arguably Awin’s biggest event of the year, where a lot of their clients are invited to network and show off their products, and also party a bit. You know, rather like the networking event I went to the week before. So, I was put in charge of checking coats and bags from 9-6… so typical work day. Kind of. Checking coats of Germans in the fashion industry wasn’t actually terrible, most were pleasant. Except the guy with the 306 number who kept his iPad there- who was annoyed I spoke mostly English even though the event was IN ENGLISH, and was rude for no reason about everything. Who hurt you? Otherwise, my only other issue came with these goodie bags. Keep in mind, I personally assembled these things. I put stickers on them, lined them up, helped put the products in them, set them up for the clients- just about everything. So, as the day went on some clients came up to me saying they forgot to get them from upstairs earlier. No problem, I gave them some of our extras. However, somehow the runway models got the idea that they could ask for them, and asked me for some. Now, they didn’t speak good English and I thought they were just clients, and the only word I recognized was goodie bag, so I gave them some. Then I started to catch on and told them there were none left. In the end it didn’t matter because we had extras anyway, but understandably the employees were upset that goodie bags were taken. It was frustrating because I felt that if I had been in an English-speaking country I would have caught on much more quickly, but ah well. They never said being abroad was easy. Also, NEVER trust models.