The Passion Supply Chain

Value Network Principles

The company I work for, Passion Communications, it a boutique creative marketing agency. Because of this, the supply chain network for their company is different than most businesses in the marketing and advertising field. The raw inputs required consist of brain power and devotion to the creation of promotional art.

The Passion Team

The employees of Passion Communications are a special breed. There are only three paid employees–CEO Emil, a senior graphic designer named Nini, and a spunky twenty-something named Marina who primarily works with a spin-off start-up of the brand called Passion1. Due to the boutique nature of the company, the work environment is not what most company employees are probably used to. People do not typically come into the office to work until 9:30. Sometimes they leave around 2 or 3 in the afternoon, and sometimes people are working until 9 PM on Friday nights. It depends on what projects the company is working on and what the deadlines are.

There are also several interns at any given time who come and go. They primarily work on content creation for the company’s blog. The blog is the way Passion Communications boosts their SEO. The more frequently the company posts relevant content, the better the site ranks on Google, the more paying customers the business receives. The interns are also involved with some graphic aspects of the company, and maintaining the website.

The Projects

Passion Communications works with all types of companies on various projects. One of my favorite projects the company has worked on so far was a campaign for a local Prague based shoe company called “Footshop.” Due to their small advertising budget and their youthful target market, Passion Communications developed a print advertisement campaign for them. They hired a graphic artist to create aesthetically interesting posters, (my favorite is pictured below).

Screen Shot 2018-06-23 at 3.59.33 PM.png

Another interesting project the company has worked on is it’s commercial for Porsche. This was a video project focused on the idea of showing people exactly what it’s like to drive the sports vehicle. They “created a campaign that merged man and machine through big data. Using a mobile application and a heart rate monitor, [they] were able to match the heart racing emotions of the driver with the car, and display it in an interesting and engaging data visualization experience. Drivers were invited to [the] experience by their friends via a specially designed box which had voice recording capabilities and a USB stick which led the customer to a special part of the website only accessible through a special link.” (Passion Comm) The commercial film went on to receive reward recognition, and is a project Passion is extremely proud of.

As you can see, there is not really a laid out supply chain process for the service that Passion Communications provides. They tailor every project to the needs of their customers. This is one of the benefits of being a boutique agency, instead of a large scale agency with many employees. The company is also relatively young. I am sure the process in which it functions will evolve. However as of now, it seems as though the company just kind of goes with the flow. They take on projects they are passionate about, and work hard until they’re finished.