Routines and Irish Rain

While the first few weeks of my time here in Dublin have seemed to flash by in the blink of an eye its nice to have settled into a routine of work during the week and travel/ exploring on the weekends. Without a routine the first few weeks I felt a little scattered and like I want using my time wisely to see as much as I could during my time here. Now that I know simple things like how long it takes me to get ready and into work in the mornings and how late the busses run its become much easier to navigate this beautiful city and use my time to my advantage. Little adventures at lunch time to see new restaurants or ice cream spots, to wandering down a new street when walking make this city feel endless and I love finding new spots to explore.

Sometimes little things throw a wrench in a regular routine- like changes of plans, weather differences, or even just something as simple as missing a bus but one thing I’ve noticed in my personality that has changed in my time in Dublin is my ability to adapt to these situations. While no one likes when things don’t go according to plan sometimes it leads to a new adventure, a new favorite restaurant being discovered, or meeting new people. I am trying to look at every experience here as an opportunity to learn something and make a memory that I couldn’t have if I was home.

As for the picture that accompanies this post- I originally thought it didn’t have much to do with the content of my blog but now that I look at it is a perfect example of how a little change of plans doesn’t have to mean the worst. The picture was taken last week while exploring Giant’s Causeway, it had been nice weather all day but as we were exploring a few clouds rolled in. Before we knew it the skies opened up and we were hit with our first real experience of the Irish rain that so many people had told me to prepare for. We managed to make it back to our bus only slightly soaked but laughing at what the rain did to our hair and clothes. It was an experience to laugh at and by no means did it ruin our trip to the causeway.