The Outdoor Museum of Czechia

Last week, I began working on a few new projects. One of which is the UK category management for Amazy. A key factor of success on Amazon is your sales-driven search ranking. When you search for products using keywords, the products on the first page are the ones with the highest amount of sales. Thus, Amazon’s algorithm places them at the top of each search and are listed in a decreasing fashion. A smart way to kickstart sales for a new product offering is to pay for a sponsorship in order to initiate your sales. Once your product has become established and you have concluded your sponsorship for that product, it will be placed amongst the other competitors based on how many sales it has received. For my newest task, I have been assigned with analyzing our profit margins for each product in order to decide if we can adjust the pricing of the product in order to create a more attractive price for customers and increase our sales. If a product currently has a profit margin of 25% or above, there is room for me to fluctuate our price of the product. When assessing if it is a smart decision to change the price of one of our products, I must be aware of whether or not our product can compete with the top products, as well as the current inventory levels. Every decision is a risky investment, and it’s thrilling to reap the rewards of these risks. When adjusting pricing, it is also imperative for me to stay aware of our bottomline profit margin.

Besides my new tasks at work, I have been continuing with my daily routine of living in Berlin. It’s been over a month now since I’ve arrived to the city, which means I have to renew my public transportation pass.  In order to have my pass and identification card issued to me, I had to visit a BVG store near my work. I arrived one day after work, and I was in quite the hurry to be somewhere. The man in front of me noticed I was slightly frantic, and he kindly offered me his place in line. Once I reached the desk, it turned out that the employee only spoke German, and he proceeded to turn me away. Much to my surprise, the kind man who let me take his place in line offered to translate for me in order to help me communicate with the man at the desk. I truly appreciated this courteous gesture. This was one of the instances a cultural difference has affected my interactions with the people of Germany. Even though some may have viewed me as unprepared in that moment—since I was unable to communicate on my own—but it meant so much to me that the man helped me in that moment of conflict. Even though I was slightly frustrated that I wasn’t able to express myself due to the language barrier, I was happy to have the help from a native.

Little did I know, this instance wouldn’t be the only time I would be experiencing a language barrier.

After a short work week, on Thursday night, I left Berlin to spend the weekend in Prague, where little to no English is spoken. After only a four hour bus ride, I arrived in the beautiful Czech city, surrounded by so much history and intricate architecture. It was quite late when our bus arrived, so we checked into the Airbnb for the night and woke up Friday morning with a full day to explore the city.

On Friday, I was kindly welcomed by the owner of the Airbnb, who spent some time talking about Prague and the beautiful sights of the outdoor museum—as he calls it. He was a very fascinating man, and I enjoyed the stories he had to tell. Beyond the history of Prague, he talked a lot about life lessons and synchronicity. Every decision we make in life is meant to be, and every barrier we break down will open up new doors. After our chat, he let us loose into the city and I finally began my grand expedition of Praha.

The public transportation in Prague is slightly different than Berlin’s. In Prague, they have a convenient tram system that you can take into the Old Town, which is one of the main exploring areas in Prague. Outside of the square and surrounding streets is the New Town. Once you pass over the river, there is a beautiful view of the entire city from the hills.

One of my favorite places we explored during the three days we were there was the Prague Castle. Beyond all of the passageways and gardens, we arrived at the grand overlook of the city that features the terra-cotta roofs of the buildings and the gorgeous turquoise steeples.

Praha Skyline

Throughout the weekend, I also visited sites such as the Jewish synagogues and cemetery, The astronomical clock in the Old Town Square, The Charles Bridge, and many delicious restaurants. We ate at a classic Czech restaurant called Neklid, and we even tried a traditional trdelník, which are very popular in the city of Prague.

Church of Our Lady before Týn
St. Nicholas Cathedral

On Sunday, we ended our trip in a cute café in the local neighborhood we were staying in. It was a kavárna called Design Friendly CUP & HUB, and they collaborate with local interior designers to create a chic, trendy space for coffee, and quality time with friends.

Design Friendly CUP & HUB

Prague was a great time, and looking forward to this upcoming week, I am excited to be back in Berlin—which has become my home away from home.