Thumbs Up for Prague

This past week at work I was switched to a new department within the finance and accounting floor of my company. Since last Monday I have been working with the financial controllers. So far, I think that the work I am doing now better fits my interests than the accounting position I had been in for the first three weeks of being in Berlin. I have been getting a lot more individual assignments and projects. Two of the assignments I worked on last week were tracking the share price of the company over the past three years in order to assist the executives of Sirius in deciding whether or not they should keep or sell investments they have and researching Sirius’s competitors.

It’s been fun getting to know the knew people I am working with. Although the language barrier still prevents me from participating in most of the conversations in the office, everyone is still very friendly and clearly makes an effort to talk to me and include me which makes me feel more welcome. By switching departments and seeing different areas of the finance floor, I am seeing more and more how each section of accounting and finance work together and depend on one another, which I find very interesting.

On Thursday evening my friend and I took a bus after work to Prague for the weekend. Unfortunately it was pretty chilly and rainy especially compared to the warm and sunny weather I have been used to in Berlin. We didn’t let the weather stop us from exploring, however. I was surprised at how small Prague is when we were looking at a map on Friday morning. Three days was the perfect amount of time to get to see all of the bigger tourist attractions.

The first day we explored the Old Town, which made me feel like I was walking through a theme park because all of the buildings are so old with interesting architecture that it actually almost looks set up. On Saturday, we took the tram al the way up to the top of the the hill that overlooks Prague where the Prague Castle sits. This area of Prague was definitely my favorite because it made me feel like I was walking through a fairytale and the view of the city was incredible.

Sunday night our bus got delayed an hour and a half unfortunately, so I did’t get home until about 3:00am, so I was pretty exhausted going to work this morning. Overall, however, I am happy to be back in Berlin, where I already feel so at home after only five weeks!