The MidWay: Half Way Through with Still a lot to Prove

So halfway through my time in Prague and the and the time that I allowed to pass has kind of caught up to me. I feel like I’m behind on my project outside of this program, I have to plan a way to Ireland at some point and of course, I have to see what else I can do to build a portfolio whilst I still work at Boomerang Media.

This week was mainly dedicated to the Beer company Radegast with a commercial due to them by Tuesday the pressure was on to create a commercial for them.  A lot of my week was watching their old commercials and seeing the themes and analyzing them. While this happened I was also given a job to do some minor designs for car advertisements. After a few days of spitballing we came up with two Ideas we needed to flesh out more but were solid ideas. One was about a man who had to overcome the challenges of life by giving up some major possession (we thought like a kidney or a house) for the greater good of his fellow man.  The other idea we had gone a more surreal route, this followed a man who dreams were just out of reach and when this happened we would use the visuals of a craggy desert to represent the idea that all hope was drained. Then he begins to dig deep in the ground and finds a small spring of water this represents the hope he found to keep moving when all seemed lost.

While the one seemed more complete we were lacking some visual elements and the other one we were lacking more meaning behind the message that’s what we hope to do before Tuesday at 2.

After that work week, the weekend was not much better work wise. I began working on my research project that I have to do while I’m here. the paper itself is discussing nationalism as seen in pop culture versus mythology.  On Saturday I began digging in tooth and nail to see if I could make any headway on this project. Luckily the NYU dorms we are staying in have a very nice public study area on the top floor which I used for five hours while I did research.