One Week Left

surfing.jpgAlmost at the end of the trip, I can say I successfully accomplished most of my goals for this trip. Academically, I wanted to be focused on all my school work while still adventuring around the city as much as possible. Personally, I wanted to become a more well-rounded person. I wanted to be someone who was always adventuring and taking risks to see new levels of the city. Of which I accomplished. I would go out every single day with a mindset of exploring as much as possible and being in the room for as little as possible. I have become to love the environment of Urbanest. Urbanest is the student housing accommodations for students all around Sydney. There are students who go to The University of Sydney, UTS, and Tafe. The location is almost perfect as we are near two huge malls, inside the educational district of the city, as well as only a 10-15 minute walk to the central train station. From this train station, we could visit almost anything we wanted as the train system is super easy to operate. Additionally, I love how everyone in Urbanest are students. It was super easy to connect and befriend everyone on this program. We all become accustomed with one another and started to travel all over with each other. I live in a dorm with 7 other people and we have found a perfect way to live with each other. The types of challenges I have encountered with this new home relate to the chore of cooking. Everyone has the same idea of saving money so someone is always cooking in the kitchen. One problem is the cleanliness of the kitchen. One day it will be spotless but the next day it will look like a tornado. However, we all decided on a great way to clean the kitchen in order to make it a functioning space.

My commute to school is very quick as all I have to do is cross a street and walk up a little hill. It makes it really easy to access the school building if I have to go print something. It is very different than my commute to classes at Pitt as here, all my classes are in one building. At Pitt, it is a 15 minute walk to campus and all my classes are all in different buildings. One tip I have for other students who may come on this trip is to travel outside of Sydney. I did not get the chance to travel to other parts of Australia and I really wish I did. I saw others who visited Cairns, the Great Barrier Reef, and it looked like an unreal experience. I wish I planned trips earlier with others, however staying in Sydney was enough action for me. Although the trip is nearing the end, I still have not seen all of Sydney. I really want to visit again and see all other parts of this land down under.