First Time Hiking in SF

This Saturday, we went to Muir Woods for hiking with another group of people from Minnesota. It was actually my first time hiking in the U.S. and in San Francisco. When I travel to other places, I always like to visit the cities and places that a lot of people go to. It was my friends’ plan to go hiking and I just followed them.

Hiking in China and Hiking in America are very different from each other. I have been to several hiking places in China and there were always some nice paths and roads that are comfortable to walk on. There were always one or two convenient stores on the way. However, It is totally different from the place that I have been to on Saturday.

We took a shuttle that takes 30 mins to get to the entrance of Muir Woods. After we got on the shuttle for 10 minutes, we already lost our phone signals. My friend was a little bit anxious without her phone signals, but I was just fine with it. At the entrance of the park, there was a little gift store. I thought there would be some restaurants or, at least food trucks, but there was none. We entered the park and started to walk up, and I did not realize that there was not a well-built path or road until that moment. We separated into to two groups of people soon. The first group of people walked very fast, but I was in the group that always stopped and take funny photos. We climbed up the trees, got into the tree holes and played around and took the “shortcut”- it was actually a tree that laid in a gap. After we got to the top, we could not see the sea already. It was covered by the clouds, and it was just like a sea that made by clouds. We took some amazing pictures and that was the end of the trip.

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  1. Dave says:

    Hi Hayley,

    Great read. Muir woods is one of my favorite hiking places in Northern California. Since I live in the bay area I have hiked Muir woods many times and it’s always pretty fun.