La Familia

Monday my parents and brother met me during lunch and came into my office.  My coworkers wanted to meet them and they suggested I show them around the office.  I was happy they could see where I worked and then we went out to lunch a few minutes away from my work.  I love sharing this culture with them and they had their first Menú del dia.  Later that night they tagged along to the salsa classes.  I learned salsa and bachata.  It is so awesome to see some improvement and meet other international students.  It was also fun to have family there and watch them try it as well.

Tuesday after work, I went home for a quick nap.  When my family got home, I woke up and we all went to a Flamenco dance show.  The show was incredible, and I was amazed by that style of dance.  We were in the first row and could literally see the sweat that was dripping off them.  The passion and feeling that is portrayed in a dance are incredible and it gave me so much respect for the dancers.  It also gave me another window into Spanish culture.  Which as more time passes, I only seem to discover more.

Thursday my family and I went out to dinner with my cousin Greg who I had spoken about in previous blogs.  It was great to hear some family history and memories that I hadn’t heard before.  We talked about the Spanish country and their government, and his experiences living in Spain.


I love how the Spaniards call the weekend “el fin de”.  It means “The end” which is strange to me, but with the way the Spaniards change their schedules on the weekend, this makes sense.  My family and I went to Valencia and Barcelona this weekend.  I was so happy to make it to Valencia because I have always wanted to try Paella from the birthplace of Paella.