Over the Hump

I think the two significant things happening to me going into this week are both personal and work related. As far as my personal issues go, I’m really starting to stretch my summer budget, i think I will have to roll out a new wave restrictions on my spending habits. I just have to mention how thankful I am with how cheap Prague is as a city, It makes me wonder where I’d be financially in another city. The first step is probably to limit myself to only one more weekend trip, possibly two if I can. However, I could spend the rest of my weekends in Prague and be completely satisfied with myself, there’s still so much to do, so much to see, and so little time. These first 5 weeks have gone slower than I expected which I am very thankful for, but I have a feeling these next 5 weeks will come and go knowing now that my time is limited.

On the work related side of things, the two coworkers who do the same work as myself whom I rely on the most are both on vacation. This week’s a Czech holiday Thursday and Friday, so naturally plenty of coworkers are taking three days off vacation this week for the other three days. So these three days will be the most independent I’ve been at work since I began. I believe I know enough to conduct everything independently but it’s always a little frightening not having a safety net. But hey, it’s only three days, how bad could i mess up, right?