Expectations vs Reality

I had little to no expectations prior to coming to London. My concerns were public transportation, working at my first internship, and being homesick. The tube was the most intimidating for me before arriving because I typically do not use public transportation.

Within the past 5-6 weeks I have become a pro at public transportation and will probably use it more often in Pittsburgh now. I have about an hour commute to work and most of the time I genuinely enjoy the ride. My first 7 stops on the Hammersmith & City/Circle line are relaxing because I can grab a seat and read along the way. The next 6 stops on the Jubilee are more crowded and I am usually pressed up against others. I arrive second at work, just behind my supervisor. My two coworkers arrive 15-20 minutes after me. I have learned how to be self-sufficient at work. I check what needs to be done and start before taking orders from my coworkers. I was always concerned if I would have the initiative to start work without being told to but I proved to myself that I easily take initiative.

An average day at work for me consists of chasing clients, sending invoices, taking payments, updating the cashbook/Sage50, and a few miscellaneous tasks that vary. I was worried about being in a professional environment and being held accountable for the work I complete. Since I have started working I have become very comfortable being in a professional environment. I find it fulfilling when presenting my work to my supervisor. My coworkers have been very gracious that I have been there taking some of the work load off them. The time has gone by too fast, I wish I could continue to work at Anderson Tours.

I have not felt home sick for a single second. After arriving in London I felt like I truly belonged here. Each day I have grown more comfortable being here in London. The crowds in the tube station, the homeless people, the street performers… they all seem like a natural part of life now.

My favorite part about London is the fashion/shopping. I pay close attention to the clothing styles I see around London and it seems as though everyone here is a step ahead of America. I have a love for fashion so being here has really fed my obsession. The shopping is even better. I have stopped in almost every clothing store I have seen and it has never disappointed.

To say the least, I am having a hard time facing the reality of leaving London.IMG_6960.jpg

Thanks for reading!