Traveling for Real!

Last weekend, I went to Muir Woods National Monument with my friends from Pittsburgh and the people I met here. My roommate came from Minnesota with seven other students. We all became friends and planned for a hiking. Since I have never been to Muir Woods National Monument, I was very excited about visiting the place. I actually have not been hiking for a long time. I was kind of worried too because I thought it would be really hard for me to reach the top. At the same time, I was confident too because hiking is one of the main thing that I did for two years when I was in the military.

We took Uber to a bus station and took a bus for 30 minutes from the station. When we got there, all our phone’s signal was gone; I was able to concentrate on hiking. First, the ground was all plane. When we walked for an hour, hills started to appear. But it wasn’t too hard. I was actually the first one who reached the top. Me, my friend Jason and Elaine were the first group who were able to get some water from the water fountain at the top. I was surprised when I reached the top because I could see myself above the cloud! We took some pictures and came down to the parking lot. Climbing down was actually harder. But it was fun enough.

I am planning to visit Lake Tahoe at the end of July. I think it’s going to be a much better experience than the experience I had last week. I saw some pictures of it and it was as nice as Yosemite. I am very much looking forward to it.

It was fourth of July yesterday. I went up to a mountain called Twin Peaks to watch the fireworks. It was literally amazing. I went there with bunch of people. Since it was top of a mountain, it was freezing and windy. But, the view was awesome. I was able to see all of San Francisco and there were small fireworks going on everywhere. It was such a great view. If would have been better if it wasn’t that windy. But we celebrated 4th of July together with the great view, so I am satisfied with that.


San Francisco is one of the most visited travel site in the United States and I feel like I am not appreciating the fact because I live here.  I have less than a month now in San Francisco. I regret that I didn’t travel much since I got here. I have been busy working and I took rest on weekends. But, since I have less than 4 weeks now, I am going to experience San Francisco little more until I leave.