City, beach, mountains!

Heading into my sixth week of being in Ireland and not ready to accept that it is already halfway over. I’m really surprised that the “culture shock” has yet to set in, if it ever does. Even though I am thousands of miles across the Atlantic in a completely different country, I haven’t experienced major differences. Ireland is definitely more laid back but they still get things done efficiently without having to rush through everything. Back in the United States it seems like everyone is constantly stressed and worried about something. Here, even though obviously they also have deadline and tasks to complete they are calm about it. They take their time and make sure everything is going smoothly while also doing good work.

Something I talk about almost every week in the blogs is how much I admire their work life balance. They always make sure we don’t stay late or are too stressed. If my supervisor ever sees us getting stressed he’ll say “guys look at me, you’ll be OK don’t worry about it. We will work through this.” He is very helpful and a calming presence. Even though he is under a lot of pressure with a lot going on at the company with it expanding so rapidly, he always makes sure we are doing OK and that if we ever need anything he is there.

Another big difference is their travel culture. It is so easy for people here to travel all around Europe and Asia whereas most people in the states will never get to experience those things. The US is basically all the same just with different climates and slightly different political views whereas in Europe there are such different cultures all so close together. It is so much easier to experience a bunch of different places within a very small distance. People in Ireland take advantage of being so close to other culturally diverse places by traveling as much as they can or at least once a year.

I’m excited to see where the next half of my adventure takes me and what else I’ll learn along the way. I’ll keep you updated if I ever experience the “culture shock” everyone talks about.