Easy, Breezy, Orankesee

Hallo Freunde! This week sure did fly by. I still can’t believe I only have 4 weeks left in Berlin. 😮

I was eager to get back into the office on Monday to catch up with everything that happened over the weekend. This week,  I continued my correspondence with Danijela—the coffee blogger. I prepared all of the necessary materials she will need for the Gourmesso giveaway that she is hosting on her website. I am super excited to begin our collaboration together and spread our brand! Our giveaway will be displayed on coffeestylish.com starting July 16th—feel free to check it out!

I started something new this week that I would have never expected: coding. I’ll be honest, I’m not the most tech-savvy human, but I have really been enjoying learning the coding language. On Gourmesso’s website, all content is uploaded using HTML. It looked intimidating at first, simply because I have never had any experience working with this type of technology. However, I was actually able to pick it quite quickly, and it was pretty fun for me to work with. I love the methodical nature of the code, and this skill will be very useful for me in future classes—as well as my future career!

We had our company lunch meeting on Tuesday, which we have every two weeks. This is when we discuss all of the current stats and happenings of the company. However, this week, we just had lunch. It’s always nice to eat lunch with some of the colleagues that I don’t normally sit with. After work that day, I went with one of my work friends to Alexanderplatz, which is only a short trek from my work. We walked around and went to some of the shops to slowly unwind from the day.

Berlin TV Tower

Wednesday was the 4th of July, and I was still eager to celebrate—even from all the way across the Atlantic. Even though I didn’t have the day off, and I still had to work, I still enjoyed the day. I wore a little bit of a patriotic outfit to work with my blue and white stripes. After work, I went to dinner with one of the other Pitt students. We chose an American style restaurant just for this occasion. Happy belated birthday, America!

On Friday, some of my colleagues and I went to one of my favorite restaurants in Mitte—YamYam! This was my second time eating at the restaurant, and it was just as I had remembered. I always enjoy breaking away from the office during lunch to explore the neighborhood. After work, I met up with some of the other interns and Britta, our program manager, for pizza and soccer! It was interesting to hear about how everyone’s projects have been progressing. We also had to say goodbye to two friends whom have completed their programs and are leaving the city shortly. Belgium won, and it was overall a great night!

Saturday was beautiful, and I decided to visit another lake on the outskirts of Berlin. I went to Orankesee, a lake in the northeast sector of the city. This lake was more residential and secluded than Wansee, but I loved them both. Relaxing in the sun and cooling off in the water is one of my favorite summer activities. After our time in the sun, we worked up quite the appetite and found a local Italian restaurant nearby to dine at. Food and water was exactly what we needed. RodakS4RodakS3RodakS5There’s always something new to do and somewhere new to explore in Berlin. This city is always surprising me, and I love that.