Another week has passed, so I have another update.

I have really become comfortable at work. I really understand the flow of the office, and the mannerisms of my coworkers. I have become more assertive when working with my boss. I really enjoy our short conversations related to my tasks because the criticism I receive is very constructive and helpful. Outside of typical blog posts that I have to write, I usually try come up with other content ideas to assist the positioning of SIGNL4. I have documents on my computer that I call “Brainstorms” where I write down ideas. I do this when there are gaps between tasks. I present the better ideas from these private documents to Matthes in the form of an email. They are typically longer emails, so it takes him some time to get through them, but he usually approaches me when he wants me to explore an idea. He gives me a lot of freedom to create things, and then we work together towards the end to fine tune the content. I have enjoyed this process.

At work, I also spend a lot of time reading to learn more about technology, trends, and other products on the market. Derdack specializes in creating effective SaaS enterprise solutions for organizations around the world. It is cool to see things I’ve learned about in class and other jobs come up when I am reading. I feel that my writing has improved as I learn more about various topics through other industry-related articles (IoT, industry 4.0, SCADA, on-premise vs SaaS, etc.).

I do get very tired from working. Being in front of a computer for so long is difficult and hard on the eyes. I often times do not do anything after work because I am tired… and that’s fine. It has become hard to juggle other things that I have to deal with back home with work as well. It has given me some insight to how difficult my junior year will be. I will probably get a second job when I return to school in the fall. Between school, 2 jobs, the label, and professional networking, I will be busy to say the least.


On Friday I hung out with Layfayette, a guy from San Francisco who runs a record label in Berlin. I met him in June. It’s always nice to know someone else who speaks predominately English in Berlin. It gets hard to just live life without knowing what other people are saying. I will be helping him with a special record release show in two weeks. I am looking forward to the event. It is nice to see how passionate he is about his label. I honestly do not know what he does outside of music. Regardless, he is good company.  Friday, we caught a set from a band called Jaguar No Me, a avant garde Japanese pop project. It was at a place called 8mm. I seem to catch Layfayette there often. A lot of artists hang out there. I think it is a cool space.


Saturday I went to the Tempelhof Airport. It is a closed airport that Germany made into a giant park. There are paved air strips with massive fields in between. I found a bench and sat there for at least two hours. It was one of those places where you can truly just hear yourself breathe. Even though some people would pass by, it was mainly a quiet place. It was really nice to just clear my mind. When I was getting ready to leave, I heard some cheering in the distance. Turns out there was a section of the park that was turned into a biergarten. There was a public viewing of the England match. I do not get tired of watching soccer with the people here. It is always a good time.

That’s all I got for now. More updates to come. Talk soon.

– Connor