3 Weeks Left in San Francisco

It feels like we just got here a few weeks before, but we have already stayed here for more than 2 months. Three weeks later, we will have to leave this place. San Francisco is a very amazing place. Some people hate it, because of the smelly streets and the homeless people. However, some people, like me, love it, because of a lot of reasons.

“Wow, it’s a very popular city!” This is my first impression to San Francisco. It is a very popular city as everyone knows, but I got that first impression from my internship. In my internship, I had to do research on different companies which Head Quarters are in San Francisco, then I realized almost every company, as long as you can name it, has a head quarter in SF. And I also learned a lot of small companies that might not be popular all around the U.S., but they are definitely popular in SF. For example, when Doordash launched  in Pittsburgh, no one knew what it was, and they probably still don’t know what it is now. However, this food delivering company is such a big thing in SF. It is a big competitor to Uber Eats. Startup companies, including the one that I am working for, found a good environment to grow here in SF. I have never seen a city that is so startup friendly.

The second thing that I really like about San Francisco is that, there is a lot of good views here, and it’s not far away from the city. As a city that’s right next to the Pacific, San Francisco has a lot of nice beaches and  natural views. It is very relaxing that after you get out of work, or when it’s the weekend, you get to go hiking or go enjoy some good views without traveling for a long distance. Honestly, I will envy people who live in SF after I go back to Pittsburgh. I will miss the beaches, the Golden Gate Bridge, the sea and the sea lion so much!

My boss and coworker kept saying that they don’t want me to leave, and neither do I. I will never regret the time that I spent here. I will miss the time when I get to discuss and think of some great ideas with my boss, even if I am just an intern. At first, I was very uncomfortable with it, because I was not familiar with the industry and always couldn’t keep up with what my boss was thinking. However, as time flies,  some tacit agreements were built between us. Now when she says something, or has an idea about something, I can imminently get it. She is always so excited about it and says, ” Hayley, I really don’t want you to leave! We are just right on the track!” I would make joke to my boss,” Grow your company bigger, so when I graduate, you can hire me back and be able to give me a job visa!” I am very appreciate the relationship that I gained here with my boss and my coworker. And this is one of the reasons why I think SF is amazing, because I had some amazing experience here!