Week..? A New Resolve

The post from last week was rough I had a lot I needed to figure out and a lot I had to accept about myself and my skill level and where I need to be. This took a lot of thinking a lot of questioning of who I am. So far in my education not only at Pitt but in highschool, I have always tried to excel and the results typically show. Mainly due to me being able to thrive in a school setting but the real world is the difference. With all the skills I thought I had I realized they weren’t up to where I need them to be… they never were. I let myself think they were and that is what ended up killing me. It’s my fault I feel so out of my own element… so once I thought of that I asked myself how could I improve myself because sitting here and regretting my mistakes isn’t going to make this job any easier. So what can I do well I can learn the skills to get by they won’t be professional but they’ll be what I can do. I can also press on the skills I was recognized for, that being my creativity and communication skills. So this week seems to be another dull week as well so I will spend my time researching skills and learning and practicing. When they decide to give me a second chance they’ll relize how far I can come in short time.