A Little Homesick

This past week I have found myself becoming more homesick then I expected which is becoming a new challenge of its own. I think this week is becoming especially bad because half the students in my dorm’s trip has ended this week. Then another group of students will be departing the next week and then another the week after that. So within three weeks I’m seeing nearly all of the friends I’ve shared this experience with depart. And myself, I have another 5 weeks, the Pitt program being the longest of all the other universities. Knowing that so many people will be returning home makes me jealous that they’ll be back with their friends and loved ones so soon in a place that’s by every sense of the word, home. I find myself now flip flopping between thankful that I have more time in this beautiful place and wishful that I could return to familiarity sooner. It’s tough because I know this is a once in a lifetime experience too and as soon as I leave I will be wishing for just a little more time in Prague. I knew times like these would come but actually experiencing the dissonance of emotions and thoughts is a whole other thing.

To fork into a more positive note, I would love to write a little bit of my time this weekend, specifically the day when I got to visit Český Krumlov, an absolutely stunning city south of Prague near the border of Austria. The town seems almost picture perfect with the most incredible buildings and churches made of stone and spires, with a quaint river running through it. My friends and I were able to rent a raft and lazily float down the river as we admired our sights in every direction. All of my travel has been to other countries thus far, so seeing another town the Czech Republic has to offer was very interesting, as now I am investigating even further what there is to offer outside of Prague, giving me a whole new appreciation for this nation.