Les Compétences

My internship is almost over… I have one more week left in the city of lights. I’ve learned a lot. I’ve learned about the company, the industry, but most importantly, I’ve acquired important skills that will surely help me in my future professional career. 

The organization that I went through had me choose key skills that I wanted to improve upon. This was a good way to reflect upon my growth during the process and know what I needed to focus on specifically as I continued through. 

One of the key skills that I chose was self confidence. I definitely feel that my confidence in the work environment has grown. My linguistic confidence has also pro. I feel a lot more comfortable in the french language than I did before (linguistic progression being one of my personal goals). 

Another skill that I chose was the development of a global mindset. I’m appreciative of the opportunity to have advanced my adaptability in the workplace. This ties into my key skill of self confidence because my ability to adapt influences my personal mindset as well. 

Ultimately I’m pleased with how much this experience has helped me grow personally and professionally. It’s an interesting way to combine soft and hard skills at the same time. An application we usually only see on the real world outside the classroom.