San Francisco Travel Diary I

I feel excited to share my travel story of my San Francisco trip with you this week. During these two months I went to a lot of places with my friends from this program. It is my first time visited this city and was thrilled to have a few months to explore, shop and eat.

San Francisco’s transportation is very convenient, not only in San Francisco, but also from San Francisco to surrounding cities such as Berkeley and Oakland. In general, there are two transportation systems, BART and Muni. BART is a subway connecting four cities in the Bay Area including San Francisco. From SFO Airport, you can get to Powell Station via BART. Muni Metro is a light rail system serving San Francisco (Muni is the shorthand for San Francisco Municipal Railway), which is all types of transportation in downtown San Francisco. In general, it includes the famous cable car, bus and Muni metro.

The San Francisco cable car system, an icon of San Francisco, is the world’s last manually operated cable car system. SF currently has two cable-car routes, Powell-Hyde and Powell-Mason. The starting point is at the intersection of Powell and Market street. The end of the Mason line is only two blocks away from the famous fisherman’s wharf. It is said that it was also directly run to fisherman’s wharf. However, because the railroad tracks will be rusted because of the wind and waves from the sea, therefore it changed to Francisco Street (I am not sure though). The end of the Hyde line is next to Pier 43, Ghiradelli Chocolate Factory.

Both lines are very worthwhile to experience, and it is worth sitting and standing in the opposite direction for many times! If the time is urgent, the Hyde line has a steeper slope and there is a thrill of riding a roller coaster, which is more worthwhile to experience. At the beginning and end of the cable car, there are often many tourists waiting, and during the busy season, you may have to wait for an hour. The trick is to walk one or two blocks along the railroad track and get on the train. In fact, the cable car runs until 12 o’clock at night, and tourists are less during nights, and it is also fun to enjoy the night view of San Francisco.

I always love to walk on the street in a city when I traveled to a city. I like to walk along Powell Street from the intersection of Market St. and Powell St. to the beach. And it is really not that far as what I thought. However, I think San Francisco is a city with lots of hills, I did not expect so many steep slopes before I came here! San Francisco’s geographical structure is really special. Every street can have a slope, and it is likely that this block is uphill and the next block is downhill, so it is arbitrary in the city. It is possible to see the sea anywhere on a street. The Powell street I walked through, after a bustling variety of shops, passed through Chinatown, and passed through a very quiet private residence, finally came to the beach, and it is Pier41. If you go east, walking along with the coast, you can get to Pier 39, which is the place you can see the sea lions resting on the dock. If you go west along Jefferson St., there are many Piers that look very old. I saw that the introduction was maintained a hundred years ago. I really enjoyed my time in San Francisco bay area, and I hope I can stay for longer.